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5 Tips to Make Packing and Moving Simple and Stress

Packing for a move can be an overwhelming task. No matter how many professionals you hire, you still have to do the vast majority of the work on your own: separating the valuables, sorting through items you want to keep, donate and toss.

Before you start sweating at the thought of your upcoming move, take a deep breath and some advice from professionals. Packing and moving might not be the simplest task you'll undertake this year, but it doesn't have to be an ordeal. You can click here to get more information about it.

Here are five tips to make the job easier.

1. Place items from the same room in the same box

To make your move as simple as possible, don't mix and match rooms. What this means is to keep your kitchen items in boxes marked kitchen and do not add items from other rooms. When you move, this tells your movers where to place your boxes so they end up in the correct rooms.

It also makes unpacking simple. You won't be wandering from room to room, placing shirts in your master and toilet paper in the bathroom, all out of a box marked "kitchen." It's a streamlined approach that makes the job less complicated and more efficient.

2. Use plenty of tapes

Of course, it's frustrating to fight through layers of tape when you are opening boxes after the move. But what's even more frustrating is opening your boxes to find your belongings are broken and damaged because the boxes weren't securely fastened.

Perhaps you fear you're over-taping your boxes, but it's better to over-tape than to under-tape and risk damage to your precious possessions.

3. Research special items

Perhaps you feel wrapping yours in soft packaging and blankets will prevent it from breaking or becoming damaged during your move, but you'd be incorrect. Yes, this will help top protect your items; however, it's not all you need to know.

For example, plasma televisions are different from other types. You can ruin them by laying them flat in a moving truck. Before you wrap up any special items for a move, research all special considerations to help them stay intact during your move.

4. Verify the Reputation of movers

Movers and moving companies are not all the same. You should check to ensure the reputation of the moving company you have chosen is a good one. The last thing you want is to hire a questionable company and find that some of your more valuable items are missing, damaged, or improperly handled.

In addition, check to see what your quoted price entails. Does it include the wrapping and boxing of special items, loading of the truck, driving, and unloading of the truck? You need to know this before you sign a contract with any movers.

5. Shipping overseas

If you're making an overseas move, one of the things you have to consider is how your belongings will get where they're going. Your television and bedroom set is not being held in the cargo section of your flight. They're being shipped via a shipping container on a ship.

Whether you choose to use a smaller shipping container company or a larger one is up to you, but you should talk to the company in advance to see how long your belongings will be at sea, how to pick them up, how to deliver them, and the other details involved in an overseas move.

Moving can be fun when you're heading somewhere new and exciting or preparing a dream house for the rest of your life. It's not fun when you're packing boxes, loading trucks, and worrying whether or not everything will arrive in one piece.