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An Overview for When You Buy Magnets

When it came time to buy a magnet for whatever application you need to you have a wide choice of materials and configurations to choose from. Three basic types are permanent shares, flexible, and rare earth. Let's do a rundown on each of the basic types so you can have a quick overview of what each is capable of.

Permanent stock magnets are the most commonly used family. The most common of these are all very familiar alnico in the shape of a horseshoe. They are also available in rod or cylinder. Alnico excellent for high-temperature applications as a service temperature limit is 525 degrees Celsius.

There are various types of flexible magnetic strips sheet available online.


This is a very broad category that one could certainly use to describe the magnets and steel cup or channel. They are very versatile in their uses and are very good at holding and positioning. They all will come with mounting holes that can allow the magnet to be secured with a screw or bolt in a fixed position.

Is a flexible group of people you will be familiar with if you have them in your refrigerator? They are generally used for decoration and will have a vinyl laminate on the side to print on.

They are thin enough that they can be inserted through an inkjet printer, while the thicker version is the option for vehicle signage. They all have a choice to be silk screened, die-cut, pad printing and hot stamped.