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Anyone Can Have Perfect Skin With the CO2 Fractional Laser!

We are living longer than ever, and most of us also want to look good on the way. Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies, we now want to say how good we want our skin to look.

The CO-2 laser, a 1990 work-horse, has been completely re-engineered with a Twenty-First Century twist – and its newest rebirth is the "FRACTIONAL CO 2 LASER".

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Anyone Can Have Perfect Skin With the CO2 Fractional Laser!

This breakthrough new laser is applied to the face and neck to remove fine lines, heal hyperpigmentation, deep scars, unwanted folds, and scorched skin deeply.

The same laser can also be used to remove hyperpigmentation on the back of the hands and tighten loose, scaly skin along the forearms and inner thighs. One of the most impressive results of treatment with a CO-2 partial laser is the elimination of "smokers' lines" above the upper and lower lip.

How does laser treatment work?

The first thing that happens is the application of numbing cream on the area that is being treated. This cream is then covered with a light layer of saran wrap to allow numbing agents to penetrate deeper into your skin. The cream is then removed and the skin is cleaned.

That is all that constitutes a laser treatment with fractional CO-2.

In the next five days, the pink skin becomes hard and hard. At this point, you return to the doctor's office, and the nurse assists in removing dead, brown skin with a special medical facial treatment. When you look in the mirror following the face, you see tight, healthy-looking skin without lines and dark, hyperpigmented stains.

How does this new, revolutionary laser differ from the old laser technology?

The previous generation of lasers terminated the skin by burning the surface, while the new laser penetrates along a narrow column under the dermis of the skin and subsequently spreads out.