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Are You The Victim Of A Bicycle Accident?

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of people riding bicycles. There are several reasons for this, including basic recreation and fitness, the need to "go green," the poor economy, and the rapidly rising price of gasoline.

Whatever the reason people choose to ride a bike, there is no doubt that it is a convenient and inexpensive means of getting around. Due to the increase in cyclists, many municipalities have built special bike paths, lanes, and trails. Even with these additional bicycle areas, the number of bicycle accidents continues to increase. To hire the best bicycle injury, lawyer, you may visit

There are many ways cyclists can be injured or die from accidents. These reasons may be due to: motor vehicle drivers who are not seeing or distracted, road conditions that are unsafe or poorly maintained, faulty equipment, or a bicycle that is poorly designed or improperly assembled.

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Cyclists have the same right to use the road as motor vehicles and must share the same space and obey the same laws. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle drivers do not respect the rights of cyclists and do not share the roads safely. In other cases, young cyclists may not fully understand how to safely obey the rules of the road and navigate traffic with motorized vehicles.

Because cyclists must comply with safe traffic laws as motor vehicles, most states now require passengers to wear appropriate protective gear and helmets. Motor vehicle drivers must be aware of their surroundings and be aware of cyclists. When a driver meets a driver, he must be respectful and observe the same traffic laws as if he were another motor vehicle.