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Australia Partner Visa- Things To Know Before You Lodge The Application!

Every year, thousands of Australian citizens or permanent residents lodge visa applications for their partners living in a foreign land. An Australian partner visa enables you to immigrate to and live in Australia with your partner or spouse if she/he is also an Australian permanent resident or citizen.

However, before applying, couples must have valid evidence that their relationship is genuine and can sustain in the future. Also, it's fairly essential to show that both individuals approve of their relationship. Under the partner visa category, you need to be sponsored by your partner in Australia for two years.

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The temporary visa allows you to live and work in Australia until the decision regarding your permanent visa is made. The applicant is also entitled to receive access to the country's scheme for health care and education.

They can also travel to and from Australia until the final verdict on the application is given. One can apply for this visa while living outside Australia and also include dependent children in the application.

The Permanent visa, on the other hand, comes with all the benefits provided to an Australian citizen. The visa is granted after two years from the time of application and can be applied by couples or de facto partners who have been married or in a relationship for two years or more.