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Best Sri Lankan Cuisines You Need to Try

Sri Lanka is usually known to be a land of wonderful beaches, awesome tea, amazing nightlife and more. And by more; it means the food too is delicious enough that will force you to visit this tiny country again. Sri Lankan cuisine is somewhat similar to India’s food from the South comprising of unique flavours and rich in taste. If you happen to travel to Sri Lanka for a holiday, make sure you try these lip-smacking dishes.


  1. Asmi – Asmi is a mixture of milk and cinnamon that transforms into something magical. Asmi is a delicious, sweet and savoury dish that deserves to be had during the evening with a cup of tea of coffee or after dinner.
  2. Parippu – The Parippu is Sri Lankan’s version of red lentils which is boiled first and then made into a curry by adding spices, garlic, onions, and curry leaves. The Parippu feels absolutely delicious when had with steamed rice.
  3. Kottu – Kottu is Sri Lanka’s version of hamburger. It is prepared by the use of godamba roti (flat bread) which is deep fried, chopped and then spices and vegetables are added. In the end, it is served with the help of spicy curry sauce.
  4. Polos – The Polos is Sri Lanka’s version of dish consisting of jackfruit. Onion, curry leaves, garlic, local spices, cinnamon are first fried in a pan. Then small pieces of jackfruit are added along with coconut mix to turn it into a curry. It takes an hour to cook this however, the wait is worth it.

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