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Cannabis- Narcotic with Therapeutic Effects

Cannabis has a relationship with humans for thousands of years. Cannabis has therapeutic and psychoactive qualities. You can also buy CBD essential oil online to get various health benefits.

Cannabis plants can grow up to 5 meters in the wild. It flowers between the fag end of the summer to late autumn. The earliest reference to cannabis has some Chinese records written in 2800 BC. Cannabis is a weed in many Asian countries.

Cannabis is widely considered to have originated in India. Many indigenous peoples in the world have used cannabis for several purposes such as medical, recreational, and religious.

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Many doctors prescribe drugs that contain cannabis for patients suffering from diseases such as multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, cancer, and HIV, in addition to several others. Cannabis also provides vim to the heart and the results have proved to be similar to those exercising regularly in the gym!

Currently, cannabis is identified as a drug. Cannabis is prohibited in many countries. Often, its users deprived of drugs are aggressive. In other words, cannabis is a psychological addiction.

The effect is very similar to the anabolic steroid in nature. What is more, some hard drug addicts are the source of sociological or major health problems.

But a study has shown that cannabis users are less prone to make the disorder. Cannabis has been used by many people as psychoactive effects. The main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is 'THC' or tetrahydrocannabinol.