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Causes of Poor Horse Racing Results

Large sums of money and time, not to mention extraordinary effort, are usually invested in pre-training activities carried out before each race event – be it utilizing pure racing or racing.

With all this preparation, we always expect the best results regardless of the type of racing event and the challenges it poses. 

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For horses that are well trained and well trained, it is clear to expect good results in every race. However, for some reason, this never happened.

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The results obtained by most horse owners, usually fail to meet their expectations. Some horses even stop in the middle of a race. These reasons, however small, can affect a horse's performance for a very long time, without you knowing it. Some of the causes of this bad result include;

Improper diet

For elite racing horses, it is very important to check the diet from time to time. Giving your horse the right type of feed and the right amount will affect its endurance and speed.

The key to success in a race is the provision of the right food rations to maintain a good and desired weight.

This also means that you have to change portions when the schedule and season change. However, drastically reducing feed when carrying horses through harsh regimes will result in abnormal weight loss resulting in poor results in racing.

Using a weighing scale or band to measure the weight of a horse will give you insight into what the feed is and the amount to give it.