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Challenges In Public Sector Construction Project


Public-sector construction is huge projects and far longer in terms of time frame. There are lots of planning and approvals needs to be done before such projects come in the picture. There are many areas where the government agencies need to act strictly with themselves so that the best outcome can be achieved.

The first thing to consider in public sector construction is to get a clear picture of project completion. This includes getting all the approvals done in a limited time frame, speedy procedures for releasing the funds to contractors, time limitation for completion of a project and engaging the reputed contractor as early as possible. Summers are best to start any of the construction work and hence all the formalities of project finalisation to hiring the construction contractor all must be done before the summer starts. Summers are considered best for construction work as the days are quite long in summers.

Another most important thing for public sector construction is planning for the worst scenario. There can be a possibility that a contractor does not meet the deadlines. Summer storms may get prolonged. Any other identified potential risk can come up. Planning to overcome such risk is most important.

Building and construction law  are never mild for public sector construction and this is the reason that end to end involvement of construction lawyers are must in such construction projects. Public-sector construction projects are considered huge compared to the private sector hence more legalities are involved in it.