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Convert Self-made Videos With Fast Free Video Converter

Do you like to make some wonderful videos? Did you make a video to record wonderful Christmas moments? Yes, actually, I made a lot of videos in my life, and I wanted to share exciting moments with people. Then how to convert videos to our iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry? How to import movies and videos to iMovie, YouTube, and iDVD, etc?

Never worry about it. video converter for Mac will fulfill your needs to handle any video, for example, to convert a video or movie to mp4, avi, Flv, MOV, etc, for films imported to iMovie, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, etc, with high quality, fast speed, Then how to convert our homemade Christmas video to iPod or importing them into iDVD?

Before we begin, please download a video converter for Mac and install it on your computer. Then you can see the interface is user-friendly and its main functions: Add File, Clip, Edit, Merge, Set format and Convert. You can also convert your files through online video converters through

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Step 1. Add video files.

Click Add File icon to add the homemade videos you want to convert, you can add multiple files at one time, and order them if you want to merge together.

Step 2. Choose the right format and manage the details of the format.

Click triangular Profile to select a proper format for the output movie, you can choose to convert to iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, BlackBerry, iMovie, iRiver, etc. while we will choose to convert it into a common format MPEG-4. It has a high quality, bright and clear images.


You can convert any video to a different format. For example, convert files to mov for the first movie, MPEG-4 for the second movie files, etc which are simple to handle for you.