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Corporate Catering in The Events Industry & Why it Matters

It was not long ago that the catering company as an industry does not really exist – may be a key player in an enterprise would eat their member club or a local restaurant once a month or more.

Or maybe their wives will be responsible for entertaining the boss and clients at their dinner table at home – How things have changed!

The birth of business events catering really started in the 1980s with a growth in office and boardroom catering.  You can book for corporate catering in Noosa via Something for Catering.

Catering is used to create a tasty lunch and dinner and serve them at home for a large client company and the board of directors.

Most often, this catering excels in the buffet, maybe a big bowl of salad and cold meat, and lots of puddings were superb. But the company has not really evolved as a major event to spend.

Corporate Catering Noosa

In the 1990s though, entertainment and corporate events take on a whole new meaning. As banks large and enterprise IT spending is locked in the fact that keeping their clients happy continue their bottom lines look good, they began to find more money in their budget to facilitate this kind of corporate events and team events company today is born!

Currently all major global organization has a team responsible event is to plan and implement program of events throughout the year – for employees, for clients (both current and prospective), to members of council and often to the general public as well.