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Coursera Off-Page Optimization Courses

Qualified online education and professional certification provided by top-class training institutions via tailor-made online marketing courses are a lifesaver for digital marketing professionals. They impart skills currently being used in the workplace, taught by experienced professionals who truly live and breathe digital marketing. By equipping yourself with such crucial digital marketing knowledge, you become the most sought-after digital marketing professional.

Digital marketing best practices involve using targeted keyword phrases, optimizing your web pages, making use of white hat SEO techniques, and producing high-quality copy that draws in customers and increases your search engine rankings. With the advent of SEO and social media, more people are relying on online searches to help them decide what products to buy or what services to use. Many online marketers still do not realize the powerful benefits their SEO strategies can deliver. By taking up online marketing courses, you get a practical understanding of what online marketing best practices involve and how to incorporate these principles into your own business. You also get an in-depth understanding of the latest trends in SEO and how to incorporate them into your own strategy.

There are several excellent digital marketing courses currently available on the Internet. Two of the most popular ones are LinkedIn Learning and AdSense Secret. Both websites offer excellent training and a host of great resources for marketers looking to expand their business. The training on LinkedIn is particularly helpful because it is tailored to the needs of an already established business, whereas the AdSense secret course is ideal for newbies and small business owners.

As part of its comprehensive SEO training curriculum, LinkedIn Learning offers marketers a complete set of online classes that are led by instructors with real-world industry experience. In each class, a handful of SEO strategies are presented in a clear and concise manner. Most importantly, the classes offered by LinkedIn allow users to track the progress and results of each strategy, which enables marketers to see which strategies are producing the best results, which are not working as well, and which need fine-tuning.

Another highly popular online course is that of email marketing expert Andrew Czyzewski. His online course, called Email Marketing Pro, is designed to give beginners a solid grounding in both SEO and email marketing. He believes that beginners should learn SEO first before choosing to hire an SEO consultant. By learning the basics of SEO, then email marketing can be more effectively developed and delivered.

One of the key elements of any good digital marketing course is presented. Landing pages those pages that a visitor comes to after clicking on an advertisement are vitally important in drawing traffic to websites. The landing page should be perfectly balanced between text, images, links, and Meta tags. The content on the landing page is what will entice the visitor and convert them into customers. A balanced approach means the landing page will attract a wide range of visitors from differing browsing tastes and computer skills, and these visitors should be targeted according to the target audience of the digital marketing campaign.

In addition to landing pages, digital marketers need to master other aspects of effective marketing such as tracking and reporting. Coursera has recently launched a new tool for online marketers called Quicksprout. Quicksprout is a reporting tool that enables marketers to quickly identify, understand and solve problems related to their campaigns. It makes it easy to gather information from various sources and compare data from different campaigns, thus enabling marketers to make informed decisions on what to focus on and what areas may require additional effort or time. This powerful reporting tool has been developed by Coursera, a leading provider of online education, marketing, and software development courses.

The final course we'll look at is Google Analytics, a free tool that allows site owners to track visitors and analyze statistics such as click-through rates and time on the site. If you're a newbie in off-page optimization, Google Analytics will help you learn about which keywords and phrases draw in visitors, how they're searching for content, where your traffic is coming from, and where you need to improve your current campaigns. A well-executed landing and optimization campaign will reap benefits not only on your site but off-page as well by increasing your search engine rankings, for instance. Once you're familiar with Google Analytics, take the time to learn more about other useful tracking tools like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Central.