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Gutter Installation – How Long Should it Take?

Most gutter installations are done by professionals in one day. An experienced do-it-yourselfer with help may have a similar time frame.

Most contractors of gutter fitting in Highland Park can generally give a very accurate estimate over the phone based on the total number of feet of gutters to be installed. Even if work on soffits or fascia boards is required, most jobs are completed in one day.

If you find your installer calling you and delaying his arrival by a day or two, do not panic. Weather and unanticipated issues can delay the arrival of your contractor. The general rule is, once the job is started, a real pro will not move on to another job until yours is completed. Occasionally that puts a crimp into the schedule, but in the end, it works to the benefit of the customer.

A competent gutter company can help you determine if there are other underlying problems that might have to be repaired. 

There are things you can observe that can give you and your gutter contractor clues. Is water pooling and freezing in the winter? Do any of the gutters leak in heavy rains or form icicles in the winter?

Leaks can cause mold, rot, water in the basement, and a number of problems that should be repaired even if new gutters are installed, otherwise, consequential damage could continue to get worse despite the repair of the gutter system itself.

Knowledge and a little research of the type can empower you to anticipate what you may be dealing with before your gutter contractor shows up. 

Also, being an educated consumer about the overall gutter system will help you to eliminate any kind of uncertainty and cost. 

All things being equal, your gutter installers should be in and out the same day. If they are reputable, do not be alarmed if they actually go quicker than you anticipated. They do this day after day. For you, it may be a new experience, for them, even the unexpected is routine.