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High Quality Cigar- All About Shapes And Size

If you're new to cigar smoking, then you might have discovered that cigars come in varying shapes and sizes which smokers spend various amounts of time on the sort of cigars they smoke.

The diameter and length of a cigar may differ from brand to brand, which makes it important to explain a cigar by both of these dimensions. If you are looking for high quality cigars then you must look for these two factors. To get more information about high quality cigars visit .

high quality cigars

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The period of the cigar is provided in inches whereas the ring gauge is a designation for the diameter of a cigar, then broken into 64ths of an inch. A cigar which has a 42 ring gauge only suggests it has a diameter of 42/64th of a inch.

The following are some standard shapes and sizes of cigars:

Corona Gorda —  Corona Gorda can also be referred to as a toro and is increasing in popularity. It takes about an hour to smoke and normally steps from 5 to 6 inches using a ring gauge of approximately 46.

The Churchill — A Churchill is a big version of a corona. The typical dimensions of the cigar are just 7 inches with a ring gauge between 47 and 54. 

Robusto — A Robusto is a fat , short cigar measuring in at 4.75 to 5.5 inches long with a ring gauge . This dimension is growing more and more popular here in the USA, and based on how thick it is, every Robusto may take anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour to complete.