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How do I Store an Opened Wine Bottle?


One thing’s for certain, wines do not last for a longer time in terms of taste and aroma after it is opened. This happens because, when oxygen enters into the bottle, it turns the wine into vinegar later on spoiling the entire thing. Another reason as to why wines don’t last is because amateurs do not store the bottle properly inside a cool environment. So, next time if you find yourself with an open bottle of wine, consider following these tips allowing the wine bottle to last longer.

  1.  Learn a Few Basics – When it comes to learning about basics, it isn’t rocket science For instance; storing of wine requires to be kept in cold or cool environment. However, this isn’t possible for everyone since there are others who reside in warmer region. If you are someone who resides in a region where the weather is on the warmer side, then learn to store inside the fridge with an upright position of the bottle.
  2. Don’t Store Near the Sun – Even if you reside in a cold climate region, never keep or store your wine bottle directly under the sun rays. It will only make the wine lose its flavors as early as possible.
  3. Age Matters – if you have an aged red wine bottle of more than 10years, then this type of wine usually last for just a few hours. For instance; Grenache and Sangiovese are aged red wine bottles that get spoilt very quickly.

Follow these tips in order to store your opened wine bottle correctly. Head over to swan valley wine tours to learn additional facts and things on wine.