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How Experts Do Image Authentication

There is a set of procedures all forensic experts follow in order to show that their investigation and forensic work is acceptable in the scientific community. Without standard operating procedures, courts and the legal system will be trapped by false forensic experts who provide false information in litigation.

Following forensic investigation procedures and practices are accepted in the scientific community requires to be trained forensic examiners at different levels of forensic investigation. 

For example, a software program that helps in the complicated forensic examination. The training program both written and video forensic examiners help to learn how to use and apply the tools of this software when conducting a forensic examination.

Forensic Picture Authentication Software used by experts for forensic analysis and authentication of digital images that allow them to investigate the evidence and detect possible traces of tampering or other types of inconsistencies. 

image authentication software

How Experts Authenticate Images?

Following are the set of procedures used by experts in order to authenticate images:

  • Loading Images

They load images that are compatible with all standard image types: BMP, GIF, JPG, JPG 2000, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, RAS, TIF to their software.

  • Structure Analysis

After loading the images, they compare an images data structure to detect if image editing software has been used.

  • EXIF Analysis

In this analysis, they extract EXIF data and reveal details such as camera brand, model, serial number, settings, editing/tampering software, etc.

This solution allows the expert to prepare everything needed for official court ready reports and all results are based on a forensic scientific methodology. It is a proven solution based on years of research. More research is being conducted to further extend software authentication capabilities to image authentication.