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How to Get a Toddler to Stop Using a Pacifier

Simple items of plastic can trigger a range of emotions that are trying to get a toddler to stop using pacifiers often can be a real problem. Some parents feel disgusted to imagine their child uses a pacifier – usually for aesthetic reasons as much as anything – and would prefer that the thumb or finger sucked.

Other people have come to consider the dot as their savior and their devices just do not bear the thought of being without. You can get to know more about thumb gloves for babies via searching online.

Some parents in the latter group would have been originally located in the former, but it could give in to temptation is undoubtedly attractive from an instant tranquilizer that does not require breast! Baby itself will have a strong personal preference. Some babies seem to have certain requirements for 'non-nutritional' sucked.

  • Comfort provided by a pacifier can be addictive – you can be sure that if the social embarrassment and pressure parents to stop not take effect by post-toddler phase, some children may be happy to go to school with a pacifier in their bags.
  • Other toddlers just do not like the dot, regardless of how their mothers and fathers eager for them to have one. It is easy to recognize if your child is one of these.
  • Although it is easier in theory than in practice, you need to try to limit the use of the dot as far as possible, no matter what type you use.
  • Limiting to periods of sleep is a great rule, but be prepared for the fact that it is likely to be very tempting to break this principle whenever you have to deal with a grouchy toddler.