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How to Get International Film Visas

Many countries which do not need a visa to get a regular tourist or business trips do need a visa if you plan to film or perform. In some countries, special kinds of visas are issued for these purposes, occasionally called Entertainment or Journalist visas.  

Document needs and lead times vary significantly from country to country when it comes to film permissions. Some nations, including most of Europe, require India visa for Malaysian citizens to obtain just local movie permits if the job is on location less than three months.

Some states require the filming application to develop from a production company that's a registered inside their nation. Further, they may require invitation letters out of a company in their country so as to issue the visas.

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Remember that the nationalities of the crew traveling on the production. Additionally, visa regulations that apply to Malaysian citizens might differ for team holding non- Malaysian passports. In some cases, it could be simpler for them to acquire a visa. In other circumstances, there may be visa requirements, or the process may take more, or not be possible in any respect.

In order to ensure a smooth visa process for Global productions:

1. Determine if you require movie permission from the Government (or unions) prior to obtaining visas.

2. If you do, use for the consent as soon as possible.

3. Once accepted, apply for the proper visas, keeping in mind the nationalities of your crew.