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How To Maintain Your Air Compressor To Get A Lifetime Of Optimum Performance

An air compressor is an extremely versatile and useful device that could come in handy at home for doing odd jobs like inflating tires or performing a car painting job with no effort. 

For professional woodworkers in addition to mechanics, this instrument is a must-have as it's excellent for powering spray guns, wrenches, and nail guns. The air compressor can be employed by industries that have a higher horsepower as they're utilized to execute more heavy-duty functions. As a result of their great performance, these compressors are offered in a wide assortment of sizes to meet the requirements of the user.  

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Listed below is an easy to refer checklist for making sure that your air compressor is in the best of shape for a long time to come:

  • Day-to-day maintenance – If you're a professional employee and use an air compressor for powering your gear taking good care of your air compressor daily will make certain that your pneumatic gadgets are receiving sufficient air supply.  
  • Weekly cleaning – it's a good practice to wash out the operating systems of your air compressor every week.Start with removing any blockages in the air vents and then proceed to wash out the air filter with water and reattach it once it dries out completely.
  • Monthly routine checkup – Each month set aside some time to make sure that there's not any flow in the safety release valve and it's relieving air pressure correctly.  You also need to check the electrical cords in addition to the hoses minutely for any harm.