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How To Overcome Thumb Sucking?

If your child has a thumb-sucking habit than do not take it lightly. The reasons for this are many: as thumb sucking can cause overbites, underbites, crooked teeth and something called a 'thumbs whole' that forms on the palate and jaw alignment can lead to more serious ones. Get to know more info about thumb sucking prevention via

Ways to Reduce Habits

Experts say that the trick to restrict the habit is to work with your child to reduce the level of dependence before coping skills turn into a habit. If your child is still sucking his thumb then try these tips useful:

  • Try to wean them slowly by limiting the amount of time they can suck. Ex: not in public, but in their rooms at night, etc.
  • If your child has a very bad day or experience, allowing them to suck without hesitation. This is their comfort zone and it's understandable they would need to overcome.
  • Definitely practice with your child's self-awareness. Let them know when they suck their thumbs so that they can realize their actions and also that you are aware of them.
  • Do not be too extreme with methods that can be traumatic for your child, such as recording channel socks around all over their hands. This could be a problem for you in the long run.