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Know About The Top Yoga Accessories

After choosing a high-quality yoga mat, you might be wondering which yoga accessories or props will help you improve and deepen your yoga practice. We discuss some of the most important yoga accessories: bolsters, ropes, beams, mat bags, and mat cleaners.

Yoga pillows and yoga bolsters provides extra support in difficult exercise positions. They are basically stuffed pillows or rolls, and come in various shapes, sizes and materials.

Single bolsters can be used in a variety of ways, supporting the head and neck in one pose, supporting the back in another pose, and stretching the stomach. Bolsters are usually used in "restorative" forms of yoga, such as Kripalu.

Many bolster options are available, including rectangular and round shapes, cotton, organic cotton, or flax cover, and foam or organic cotton.

Yoga ropes, also called yoga belts, are useful for developing flexibility. They can help beginners to switch to certain poses that are impossible. One common use is stretching the hamstring, where the yoga strap is tied around the leg when the foot is held straight.

Yoga ropes are generally available in materials such as nylon and flax, and often have buckles at the ends to help store and transport.

Yoga blocks are props to help improve your harmony and make you more comfortable during practice. They can be made from various materials, such as cork and bamboo which are environmentally friendly, or more conventional foam.