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Raleigh Moving Companies – Hiring One for Your Needs

Need help with your moving? How do you start?

1. Get a piece of paper and count all the big items in your home by name. Example:  TV – 2, a queen-sized bed – 2 mattresses and two box springs. Yes, it takes time, but it is feasible to cut down on time which also cuts down on the price.

2. Take a box of the size you think you will use to pack. Put as many small items in the box to fit safely. Write down how many boxes will be needed for each room. For example Master bedroom – 6 boxes. You will use this information when talking to the movers.

3. Go to the garage and do steps one and two.

4. Go outside to the front, rear and side yard and make the same estimate.

5. Check online and in the phone book ahead for propulsion. Check sources such as where many movers will register themselves. You can also find your Raleigh moving company through

6. Ask friends to recommend a mover for you. Start with a list of 10 movers. Check the state-licensing department to see which of the movers on your list are licensed. Search for keywords such as "complaints" and "problems" with the mover name.

7. Advanced search will give you some idea of past complaints. Movers may use independent contractors that can not be used to move. High-cost movers may have the best service because they have the money to fully finance the move. 

If you like the service you receive from the movers, leave them your comments online. Anyone can complain, but the urge takes a few words like "Great job", "Thank you." In the comments, tell them what you like about the move. This is a way to leave a positive comment. Let the movers know they performed well.