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Reasons that Makes Bohol so Popular in Philippines


Bohol in Philippines is basically the 10th largest island comprising of beautiful landscape views, sandy beaches and more. From Cebu, it takes around 2hours to reach this island and once you reach, you are going to be astonished. These are some of the reasons that make Bohol in Philippines so popular that every traveler should visit here at least once in their lives.

  1. Fall in Love with Philippine Tarsier –The Philippine Tarsiers are small nocturnal creatures having characteristics similar to a bat. Their face is similar to ones found in monkey, rat and bat however, these are very cute little creatures. These little cute creatures will make you fall in love with them however, one needs to be cautious while taking pictures with flash. They are sensitive to light and if flashed they tend to commit suicide.
  2. Beaches and Islands –Bohol shines when it comes to the beaches and islands. This island is home to offering some of the most iconic beaches to have a great time and visit nearby islands.
  3. The Chocolate Hills – The thing Bohol is proud of is the presence of Chocolate Hills which is known to be a great attraction for tourists. There are over 1000 hills that are oddly shaped. However, the name comes as the tip of the hills remains brownish in color during the dry season. This has fascinated scientists as they are still figuring out how only the tip of the hills remains brown in color similar to the color of chocolate.

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