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Safe – A Reliable Covert for Your Home Valuables

One of the easiest ways is to lock your valuable things in a safe every time. Safe is a strong metal box protected by a lock. The safety deposit box is attached to the company location and taking it away is impossible.

Buying a safe for your home or office is a wise investment. Especially for those who have assets and documents that are easy to carry from one place to another worthwhile. You can get electronic home lockers at various online stores.

Safety box or safe?

Choose between a safe and a safety box, you must first think of what is needed. You may also consider the needs of growth and price accordingly. Box does not have a class certification robbery. On the contrary, the safe was not.

Safety box and safe can be distinguished by the weight too. In most cases, secure proper weights a lot and anchored to the floor. 2-4 securely locked on the side, while the safe was locked on one side.

The locking mechanism that is deep in the door should be secure, so the key was more than 13 cm. In order to open the door, the thief must get enough time, skills, and specialized tools.

What needs to be secure?

In the safe you can store different items, which have any material or emotional value. For example, jewelry, collectible coins, keys, watches, documents and cash suited to keep it safe. You can also save there are several electronic devices, such as laptops and video cameras.