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Sell Your Home and Move On

Is your home a little older but may need some improvement? You move anyway so you're not too worried about any improvement. So, the next step is to decide whether to sell the home yourself or use a real estate agent.

I like to use what works for me so I choose a real estate agent. I'm okay signed contract six months even though I let the realtor know up front that I want to move on to the next my house in 60 days or less. You can browse to know more about the home investors.

Obviously, a realtor I cannot guarantee anything. He tells me his plans for the home market. He also promised an open house Saturday or Sunday each week.

It is a good first step because most real estate agents who sell some houses. Usually, I get a show once a month that can cause some slow sales. I never sell the house for a seller's market so we will not benefit from this situation either.

In this process, we also realize that we do not have to pay the normal 3-7% in realtor fees. It would be a plus depending on what the offer was.

When we compare the offer to sell through a broker, we must weigh the cost of repairs, broker fees, and other costs. We also have to consider the time factor. Just because we have an offer on the house, it does not mean that the house is guaranteed to close.