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Signs That Determine The Presence Of Termites

There are a number of reasons why people hate pests and one of them is the fact that they are truly dangerous for society. The most important of these reasons is that the damage caused by this pest is not covered by the home insurance company.

One of the most hated pests, but the most common pest is the termite which is responsible for damaging more than 5 billion dollars in America alone.

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Hollow wood

According to staff members of pest control companies, termites prefer to be in dark and humid areas for most of their lives. This is why they usually like to eat wood that is in a dark and damp place.

This means they will continue to eat wood from inside without telling you until one day you accidentally hear the sound of "hollow wood" coming out of the wood.

The herd

According to experts, the number one sign of the presence of termites in your home is a herd. This herd is nothing, but flying termites that shed their feathers after some time become adults and deadly termites.

Mud tube

The presence of a mud canister is another very clear sign of the presence of termites in your home.