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Experiencing The Best Marine Life Of The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the perfect example of the best scuba diving adventure. In this natural underwater environment lies the greatest cornucopia of coral reefs. Every diving experience in the Great Barrier Reef is full of wonderful stories that could hardly be contained in a few words. The preceding paragraphs will discuss the exhilaration a diver is bound to experience from scuba diving in this natural wonder of a dive spot.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world, with its almost 3000 individual reefs nestled underwater. You can also look for the best and adventurous places for scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the warm, crystal clear water.

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The coral polyps of the reef system also bring to life the largest living architecture in a marine environment. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is just one of those institutions that operate to remediate marine adverse human activities and lobby for the protection of this natural wonder.

Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is not just an eye-candy experience. A mere encounter of its bounties would make you realize that it is indeed worthy of preservation. The underwater section of the reef system is home to whales, manatees, turtles, seahorses, and mollusks.

Meanwhile, fish species such as clownfishes, coral trout, and red bass also spawn all around the coral reef. So make sure you are geared up with an H2Odyssey MS12 and SS12 Mask and Snorkel combo when scuba diving or snorkeling in the great warm waters of the barrier reef. Scuba divers can arrange for a trip with a range of glass-bottomed boats and underwater observation facilities.

Scuba Diving Safari In The Philippines

The Philippines undoubtedly offer a world of diving possibilities. Although destructive fishing techniques have taken their toll on many reefs, local legislation and a realization of the benefits dive tourism can bring to the local economy offer a chance of recovery.

Consisting of 7,107 islands spread over 116,000 sq. miles (300,000 sq. km), the Philippines comprise one of the most bountiful regions on Earth in terms of species diversity, with at least 2,000 fish species recorded throughout the archipelago. You can also enjoy beautiful underwater scenery by experiencing scuba diving in Philippines via

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However, in many areas, complex and delicate reef systems have been almost completely destroyed by dynamite and cyanide fishing. A recent survey noted that "excellent" reefs- those classified as having more than 75 percent healthy coral cover are now present in only 4.3 percent of the total reel area surveyed.

This is an issue that the Philippines authorities are, thankfully, attempting to address, and certain regions now have energetic conservation programs in place. The remote Tubbutaha and Jessie Beazley Reefs in the Sulu Sea remain relatively undamaged and provide some world-class diving.

Tubbutaha is from liveaboards, although many of the shallow reel crests provide excellent snorkeling opportunities. The steep walls of Tubbutaha are swept by strong currents and have crystal-clear visibility. The diversity of this archipelago is truly remarkable, with 1,499 crustacean species, 462 types of mollusks, and 22 different types of beach vegetation. Of the 500 known coral species worldwide, 488 are found here.