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How Do I Pick The Right Dog Chews

Although there are endless products out there that cater to dogs inherent need to chew, dog owners (accustomed to having information at their fingertips) proceed with caution when selecting the right dog chew. Throughout the net, tragic tales abound about how a dog owner's neglect in picking the wrong dog chew proved fatal for their pet (harmful splintering, fractured teeth, punctured intestines, etc.).

And as a result, the owner of the dog adopts the mantra: 'better safe than sorry' with unshakable faith when determining which treats are the most suitable for their four-legged companion. Some dog owners even use their own food preferences (in place of their dog) as a rule of thumb in choosing the right dog chew; that is, natural treats with actual nutritional value are better than synthetically or artificially created treats. While many dog owners opt for chew toys for their puppies instead. You can also buy the best dog chew toys from 

However, firm adherence to this theory can still occur in an impasse – since natural dog-chews are also treated & processed to some degree, and may still act as a potential choking hazard (i.e. dried pig ears' tendency to easily crack).  Among the various shopping 'philosophy', most owners agree that rawhide chews meet most of the criteria for a safe dog chews.

Overall, choosing the right dog treats will largely rest on what your dog likes. Surprisingly, many dogs are enthused by several other things besides food. As a result, many dog owners find solace in flavorful chew toys that walk the fine line between toy & snack.