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Treatment For Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorders is a disease that has affected millions of people worldwide. This is a problem in which one wants to eat food in large quantities and the inability to control eating habits.

Consuming food when not hungry, eating food fast and feeling depressed after overeating is some diagnostic symptoms that can be found in the community. If you find any of the symptoms in your child or any loved one, visit your nearest doctor to get binge eating disorder cure.

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Diagnosis of Binge Eating

In diagnosis, an individual’s feelings and attitudes toward their behavior are observed. Frequency and duration of eating food are also considered and are advised to be measured properly.

Diagnostic symptoms Binge Eating

• A person feels guilty, depressed or disgusted after overeating.

• They eat large amounts of food even when they are not hungry.

• They eat alone because of embarrassment.

• They eat faster than usual.

Treatment for Binge Eating

Treatment for binge eating is the same as the treatment for food addiction or compulsive overeating. Binge eating is described as the inability to control eating for long periods result in negative consequences.

• Psychotherapy – Interpersonal psychotherapy has a primary focus on the difficulties of relationships, self-esteem, assertiveness, and social skills. It can be very helpful in overcoming emotional eating regularly and overall health and happiness.

• Cognitive – Behavioral therapy includes elements of behavioral treatment standards that have a main focus on identifying and changing functional thinking patterns, attitudes and beliefs.