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Electric Muscle Stimulator – Is it Effective?

The electrical muscle stimulator claims that will help you increase muscle tone as you do nothing. Undoubtedly this is an attractive prospect, but does it work and, if so, how?

The Science

So, how does this function? Well, electrolyte stimulation occupational therapy is that the delivery of electrical impulses to the muscles through electrodes (pads placed over the muscles). The electricity mimics what's referred to as the action potential, which in ordinary conditions will come in the central nervous system, also results in the muscles or tissue contracting.

The effect of the procedure differs depending on the fiber type of the muscle being treated and the process of therapy. But, it's thought that under the right conditions EMS can raise the potency of a muscle, improve muscle endurance and fatigue resistance.

Are EMS Products Safe?

In the U.S., EMS products are approved by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, and are certified in just two groups: over-the-counter products you could go out and purchase now, and prescription products which have been created for treating a health condition and have to be used under supervision.

Usually, an electrical muscle stimulator is secure. Nonetheless, by FDA guidelines, all goods need to carry literature concerning the potential side effects as well as the threat for specific groups of individuals, by way of instance, people who have pacemakers.

Evidently, in some cases, electrical muscle stimulators are powerful. But, it's worth mentioning that these goods are by no means essential. In reality, you're very likely to attain improved results with a couple of sit-ups daily and they won't cost you a cent.

Bear in mind, when it comes to fitness and weight loss, rapid fixes seldom live up to expectation.