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How to Understand Computer Networking?

The mechanism of sharing resources and data between multiple computers is called a computer network. WAN is the most common uses for connectivity, enabling the network to connect to millions of computers around the world.

WAN network is the largest network in the world and through the connection if a router and running the right software you can be connected to any location from anywhere in the world. You can also choose computer network services In Las Vegas for secure network.

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There are two main ways to connect computers, through client-server system and through the server peer-2-peer. Client-server networks have a main computer or a computer that works as a server for the network.

Data, files, images, documents and other information stored on these servers which then access from different computers that are on the network.

The most popular and commonly used protocol is TCP / IP in which he worked with a number of protocols and not just a single protocol. TCP / IP can be used and will work with either a wired or wireless connection and can be used over a client-server or peer-2-peer.

If you are setting up a wireless Internet connection you do not have to worry about running a cable from the computer to the only thing that will do some simple changes in the part of every computer network and the next.

You can make a secure connection protected with a password to ensure that you do not have a connection open to outsiders who want to peek through your files together. You get a choice on each system to choose what you want to share and what not to do.