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This Kitchen Remodel Idea Will Give You Extra Refrigerator Space For Free

Did you know that installing a mini fridge in your kitchen actually isn't very expensive at all? Perhaps one of the best kitchen remodel ideas of all time is to incorporate a mini fridge directly into your kitchen cabinets. You've seen the popular kitchen remodeling video from TailHappyTV you probably noticed the mini fridge he had built into the base level kitchen cabinets, and you may have thought this was really expensive to do. However, Matt has recently revealed in his kitchen remodeling ideas video that you can actually buy this mini fridge for just a few hundred dollars and it's actually about the same cost as base level kitchen cabinets.

For example, matt said that it would have cost about $200 kitchen cabinets to fill a slot in his kitchen remodel, but instead of buying this base of a kitchen cabinet he instead bought a mini fridge for $400. If you do the math you can that it actually only cost a couple hundred bucks do you have a mini fridge built into the kitchen. If you like these kitchen remodel ideas from TailHappyTV you can probably learn a lot more about what you should do in your kitchen renovation by watching the full video on YouTube.