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How To Clean And Maintain Stone Floor Polishing

With a little care and a modest investment in equipment, it can be simple to scrub floors. For stone floor cleaning, it's essential to identify the root cause and the nature of the dirt. This simple step isn't important, but if you make a mistake in this area it is likely that the entire procedure will fail. 

There are certain rules to be complied when it comes to proper stone floor polishing. The floor is cleaned regularly as maintenance, but applying professional marble polishing is a completely different ballgame. 

So, you must determine the source of the dirt, i.e., if it's coming from the backyard or garage, only then you can develop a strategy to address the issue. To clean the dirt of the flooring, you must apply a mildly alkaline cleaner which breaks down dirt, but not harm the flooring. 

Cleaning general dirt off polished marble:

If you are looking to get rid of grime and dirt from your polished marble floors it is recommended to make use of a neutral PH cleaner. 


  • Dry is the best! Always ensure that you dry the floor by washing it, as this can prevent the soiled water from getting through the grout joints, making them dirty again.

  • The quality is better! Ask your stone restorer on the most effective sealers to protect those marble floors. It will pay you back in a variety of ways over time.

It is therefore just as gentle as tap water on your precious surfaces. A professional cleaning service will only use mild detergents to wash the floors and use eco-friendly polishing of marble to maintain its shining.