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Benefit Of Marion Gluck Therapy

It can be hard to decide whether to seek Marion's gluck therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy allows women to balance their hormones safely and without the dangers that can be associated with synthetic or animal-derived hormones. Many women have lived with hormone imbalances for years, wanting more energy and suffering from other health problems. 

Many women are suffering from hormonal imbalances and Marion gluck therapy helps them to reduce their symptoms. Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), has been traditionally viewed as a medical treatment aimed at women going through menopause. BHRT hormones are derived from plants and not animals, which is why they are not bioidentical with those produced by human females. BHRT is a method that allows women to manage hot flashes, insomnia, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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Because BHRT can make menopause easier and less dangerous for women, it has been well-recognized as a viable option. However, few women reach menopause before realizing the potential benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies.

Pre-menopausal and younger women can also benefit from BHRT! Many young women are affected by hormone imbalances. Women as young as 35 years old can experience symptoms of "perimenopause", which is a condition that causes imbalanced hormones as they transition to menopause.  BHRT is a safe alternative for synthetic or animal-derived hormones that allows women to maintain balance at all stages of their lives. Whether you are 35 years old or 60, BHRT can make it easier to decide to seek hormone replacement therapy.