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Types of Massage Therapy

Earlier, people used to live life without burdens but with the changing times, the hustle and bustle of city life have made it difficult for ordinary people to lead healthy and satisfying lives. Different types of tension revolve around humans and make them truly helpless.

To ease the burden and tension of life, people have now switched to massage therapy. This therapy is a very useful practice that involves calming and removing muscles and other tissues in the human body. You can search for registered massage therapist in Vaughan at

All about Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is also considered the best tension reliever and in some cases, this therapy is an integral part of CAM or complementary and alternative medicine. The term "massage therapy" not only includes the different practices and techniques used to calm the senses of the patient but also includes a large number of related practices as well due to the fact that massage therapy includes about 80 different types of therapy.

The main goal behind massage therapy is to relax the muscles and tissues of the person so as to increase oxygen and blood delivery to the areas where the massage has been done and in turn reduce the level of pain suffered.

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Various Types of Therapy

Different types of massage therapy include:

Massage the trigger point

In this type of massage therapy, the therapist uses different strong pressure movements to relax the trigger point.

Swedish massage

A long stroke is given to the person along with muscle friction and kneading to make the joints flexible.

Deep tissue massage

Deep finger and hand pressure are applied to certain parts of the patient's body where muscles and tissues are bound or tight. Focus is paid to the muscle layer that lies deep in the skin.


This type of massage therapy is known as zone therapy and the main focus of therapy is on the person's ears, hands, and feet. Foot reflexology is the most famous of the two other reflexology therapies.