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Advantages Of Mushrooms for Depression

In Canada magic mushrooms are legal. They are a source of two Schedule restricted substances Psilocybin and psilocin. This classification of drugs means that the magic mushrooms have accepted medical significance and have a high risk.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that magic mushrooms can help treat depression. It is believed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the ingredient Psilocybin to be used in a study for treating depression resistant to treatment. You can also get more information about dried magic mushrooms via

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The benefits of using Magic Mushrooms to treat depression

Effective in treating depression that is resistant to treatment Effective for Depression that is resistant to treatment

Research studies reveal that patients suffering from depression resistance to treatment are well-responding to Psilocybin. The results suggest that psilocybin resets the brains of the patients. Dr Robin Carhart-Harris was the lead researcher in one of the psilocybin research studies and claims "similar brain-related effects" are observed, "with electroconvulsive therapy."

Treatment-resistant depression occurs when depression symptoms don't get better with any treatment that includes:

  • – Different medications

  • – A variety of therapy methods for talking

  • Lifestyle shifts

  • – Alternative treatments

Ending Results Lasting Results

Research has shown that the relief lasts for up to 5 weeks following two doses of Psilocybin. Studies that are distinct demonstrate that one dose of psilocybin may reduce depression and anxiety among cancer patients.

Contrary to this most depressed patients have to take antidepressants each day or attend therapy regularly in order to enjoy the same advantages. These types of treatments may last for many years.