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Choosing the Right Paper For Your Copier Or Printer

Many people don't think about the type of paper they run through a copier or office printer, but the truth is that many printing/copying problems arise from using poor quality paper. Choosing the right paper for your copier or printer will improve its performance and reduce the number of calls to your service technician. There are hundreds of different types of paper to choose from in larger stores and office supply warehouses. You can also discover the best quality natural paper through the internet. 

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Basically, the type of paper you choose depends on the type of paper you usually print or copy on. Price is also a factor in your overall decision. But once you have an idea of how well a piece of paper will work on your device, you can make a more informed choice.

In general, most modern printers and copiers have a laser motor. Older analog machines did not use laser exposure, but they still used the same smelting process. With modern printers and copiers, remember that every device has one of two types of motors: toner or ink. All laser copiers use toner, which is often packaged in an opaque black case and is difficult to see if it doesn't spill.

It is important to understand that toner, even if it feels like it, is not a liquid. It is actually a very fine powder. If your printer/copier uses ink cartridges (much smaller machines do), you should choose the paper recommended for use in inkjet printers. The type of print quality you will get depends on the paper's ability to absorb the ink, not the ink adhering to the paper.