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How To Incorporate Upcycling in the House?

The thought of preserving nature while beautifying one's house or private space is the basis of several renovation projects now. Rather than spending additional money on getting new things for the home, upcycling is the best idea to add creativity to your house.

Here are some ways to revive and integrate upcycling in your house:

1. Landscaping the backyard and the interior of the home.

Beautifying the exterior of the home is important in raising the value of the home. You can add in a few fresh plants and soil to enhance the expression of the lawn. You can also use old stones rather than buying new ones.

Additionally, new pots aren't needed. You can collect some garbage cans or ribbons and utilize them as flower pots in the home. In this way, you can utilize many old things and turn them into brand new ones. If you need more information regarding upcycling, you can browse


To light up the gardens, hang a few old mason jars and put candles indoors with crystal pebbles and a few colorful marbles. If you'd like some flower arrangements for your dining room, old brilliant salad bowls can also be turned into excellent pots with fresh flowers.

2. Wonderful side tables for the bedroom.

Rather than purchasing brand new side tables, you can find a carpenter who can utilize old tables and design them into new ones. The additional timber can be used to make a bed rack or headboard for your bed.

3. Bathroom repairs

The bathroom is among the priciest areas to renovate. You can buy old wood that can be used for flooring and old backyard slab tiles. Old doorknobs can be integrated into the shower.

Know More About Upcycling

Upcycling is one of those words that sound familiar but turn out to be quite hard to explain to another person. You know what it is but can only give examples when you have to explain it. Similar to recycling, there are unwanted materials involved.

There is also the aspect of refurbishing or just giving the unwanted object a new lease of life. But that is where the similarity ends and things start to get blurry. To add even more confusion there is also a similar term, downcycling.

Upcycling on the other hand purposes to convert items that are not in use to even higher value or appeal than they were original. It relies heavily on creativity more than practicality. You can also check out This Tiny Life if you want to know more about upcycling.

This is seen where the use of the product in its former life is as apparent as possible but made to be as creative as possible in its new use. An example of this is where an old suitcase is remade into a functional chair. All the bits and pieces of the suitcase are there and easy to identify but it is just not a suitcase anymore.

Downcycling and upcycling are forms of recycling that take opposite approaches. Downcycling takes an object and repurposes it in such a way that it is of lower value than the original product.

For example, plastic toys degrade overtime during the cause of their use. These plastics are usually recycled to plastics of lower value than the one they were initially used for like plastic bags.