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How To Choose The Best Capsule Filling Machine

Looking for the best capsule filler machine for sale? You need to be equipped with the right information before buying one.  Whether it is a capsule filling machine for food, pharmaceutical, or chemical processing plant, you need to ensure that you get the right one.

Types of capsule filling machine

Generally, there are three types of tablet filling machines. Factors such as production speed and the type of capsule being manufactured can help you figure out which type of capsule filling machine is best for your production needs.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

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Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

This type of capsule filling machine combines manual and automatic capsule filling methods in the encapsulation process. This means that it is a semi-automatic capsule filling machine. 

In terms of operation, this semi-automatic capsule filling machine is relatively easy to use, although it is a bit more complicated than manual capsule filling machines. 

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine can easily stretch separate and connected capsule filling. The production capacity of this type of capsule is between 25,000 to 30,000 capsules per hour.

Automatic capsule filling machine

This type of capsule filling machine is specially designed to automatically fill empty gelatin capsules with granules and/or powder. Due to its operational efficiency, automatic capsule filling machines are widely used in capsule manufacturing.

The capsule filling machine can only fill combined capsules and can fill around 95,000 – 120,000 capsules per hour.