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Trying To Rent A Really Good Condo

And when you are trying to look for a particularly good one here, you know that it is going to be really expensive so you might as well pull our wallet and burn it right in front of the eyes of the owner of the said condo. But it is convenient at the time to be in a condo than anything so you might as well, right? It is not really all that hard looking for Chicago condo rentals.

Only because they are way too expensive and not many people actually live in them so if you see one, expect there to be a lot of vacant. But hey, if you have the money for it then good for you, right? This at least guarantees you for a spot on the really tall building in less than a few days at least.

And think about the view from up there too. Personally, though, we would not be happy living in a really tall building right in the middle of the city. When we try to get to work, it would mean having to go through a cramped elevator with the rest of the occupants there.

And unless we have your own car, we also would have to problematize the fact that we need transportation to get to our workplace. Next to the other workers in that area. It just does not seem worth it. We actually hate being in a building.

And if we work in one already, now we have to go live in a different one albeit with more floors? Yeah, no thank you. It would also be a pain to go down just to go grocery shopping or something. Just the thought of wasting that much time and energy to get off the freaking floor is making us grimace right now.

Can we not just go live in a nearby apartment? If we have enough money for a freaking condo then surely we have enough for a lavish apartment that is just near a convenience store so we would not have to worry about necessities? That seems like a better idea.

It seems like the condo is only good for flexing and when you invite your friends over it would just give you an excuse to be arrogant about being rich enough to actually afford the whole thing. That is not the way to making friends though and you could do so much better by having a comrade in arms living in apartments.

When you bond over complaining and whining? About how the landlord or landlady is being so strict or that the monthly payment is getting bigger again. Granted the last one is not really all that a good one and whoever is doing that without a valid reason should be thrown to the dogs, you get what we are getting at, right?

Though we do see the appeal of getting a condo. It just is not really all that worth it in our humble opinion. Or maybe this is our commoner way of thinking? Yeah, we would really rather spend all that money on games and food than the freaking rent.