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Types of Downlights

Lamp Star Light is used to shine light onto the area that is most commonly used. This type of light can be used to illuminate an entire area or just a certain area. Let’s see what we can do. How many types of downlights are there and tips for choosing them?

There are 4 types of downlights

Recessed downlights are the most common in residential, hotel, or office buildings. Installing a hidden lamp will allow users to only see the face that is parallel to the ceiling. This allows the lamp to blend in with each area’s ceiling design.

Surface downlighting can be used in homes and buildings without any blemishes. After installation, users can clearly see the lamp body. The main power source is commonly the main light. Users can also see the lamp body to add more interest.

The pendant Luminaire is a very popular option for lamp use. It has an elegant form that matches the design of the base. The lamp is highlighted. Attached to the ceiling with a cable. You can also choose from a variety of lamp designs. You can also decorate with a complete lighting function.

Semi Recessed Downlight: The lamp is embedded into the ceiling, and the front of it protrudes slightly. It can be installed in any space below the ceiling. This is suitable for homes and projects that require a playful ceiling. Accentuation on decoration and lighting.