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Understanding Pediatric First Aid

Pediatric first aid refers to medical attention given to infants and young children. Anyone who is officially in charge of other people's children usually needs to go through a course on pediatric first aid to be able to deal with any emergencies that may arise. This can include teachers, registered child minders and nannies. If you are looking for Pediatric First Aid, then you can opt for the D+K Solutions.

The National Child-minding Association states that

"All child minders in England and Wales must hold a child's certificate of first aid apply when they sign up. In the UK, the course first aid should be recognized by local authority’s child minders. Certificate first aid should be updated on a regular basis – every three years or more, according the issuing body ".

The British Government stated in their 1998 publication, Guidelines for First Aid for Schools, that "The provisions of first aid should be available at any time when people are in a school environment."

In the case of pre-school and primary school attendance, this can mean that the child first aid, which generally means that children up to the age of about eight years.

Pediatric first aid is likely to be used for a variety of incidents. This includes such things as the treatment of the victim is conscious, resuscitation, head injury, diabetes, wasp and bee stings, sprains and strains, various bodily injury, both minor and serious, nosebleeds, asthma attacks, choking, seizures, burns, objects foreign swallowed, disease, eye injuries, shock and poisoning.