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Using Rapid Prototyping for Rubber Keypad Product Presentations

When creating a new product that contains a special rubber keypad, designers can use a rapid prototype as representation before final production. This is useful for showing people what the product will look like. Although it cannot be used in the field for real-time situations, the details are at least 95 percent compared to the final version.

Rapid prototypes are available in about two to three weeks, which is a faster lead time than most final production times. This allows the designer to use it as a visual tool in presentations, beta testing and for marketing material. It helps in a variety of industries, including auto parts, aerospace components, industrial equipment, electronics, telecommunications, and medical devices, to name a few.

Explain Function

The old adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when trying to explain how a product works. The rapid prototype can be used with slide show presentations to show people what the silicone keypad looks like. Rapid production of prototypes provides cost-effective software prototyping services with optimal utilization of the available resources.

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Beta Testing Group

When demonstrating a prototype silicon keypad to potential users in a beta testing group, the designer can obtain valuable feedback. This is an opportunity to answer questions and concerns about the product while there is still time to make changes in it.

A variety of basic colors and keypad printing samples are very helpful in the analysis of suitability, shape, and function. End users can often provide insights that the creator might not have thought of during the initial design process.

Marketing Material

One of the most important parts of launching a new product is marketing. Brochures, advertisements, and printed images for storyboards are very important in compiling marketing campaigns. One disadvantage has to wait for the final product to be finished before a marketing campaign can be carried out. A rapid prototype is a suitable solution, acting as a substitute for photos and advertisements.

Get Investors

It may be difficult to describe the vision of the inventor to a group of potential investors. Showing them what they will be the deciding factor in getting them to join the financing. A silicone keypad prototype shows how big it is, what color choices are available and how the various parts of the product line up together. That makes the vision more real.