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What Do You Understand by Data Reporting and Analysis

Deciding what the data to collect will depend on the phase of the project: conceptual, design, production, or maintenance phase.

In any case, the data must include failures due to equipment failure and human error. The conceptual stage would require the use of data from similar products. If you want to know more about data reporting, you can browse this source:

The design phase will require research or the actual test data for a particular product. The production stage requires the use of more historical types of data that are sometimes derived from the design stage.

The maintenance phase requires the use of actual failure data that may have been obtained by various failure analysis techniques. In short, all the failures must be included from the construction to the reception.

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Five basic steps outlined below will help determine what the data to collect:

1. Find out what's going on, and be as specific as possible. At what level in the overall system, product, or process, the event is found?

2. The detection method. Internal? External?

3. Find out when it happened. During the test? During the production run?

4. Find out if there are any similar events in the historical record. If the answer is "yes," it could save time by eliminating multiple data collection.

5. Find out whether there was a change recently. Check the ingredient seller, testing conditions, etc.

How data will be collected and reported

Data can be collected either manually or automatically. Most test results or observations recorded manually on a form tailored to the specific information gathering and then input into a computer database.

Data is sometimes taken automatically through the use of electronic devices that send information directly to the database.