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Why Stone Sealing In Melbourne is Important

Stone sealing in Melbourne

Photo courtesy: Gnilenkov Aleksey

Sealing stone surfaces is the best method to protect them against harsh weather, traffic and stains. It is fairly easy to have your stone sealed by an expert these days and should be done every 3-4 years. 

Many residents in Melbourne have stone floors, benchtops and terraces made out of some type of stone, whether it is sandstone, terrazzo, marble or limestone, all these types of stone need to be sealed properly. Melbourne is said to have three seasons in one day. It can be freezing cold in the morning, then the sun is out and hot in the afternoon. Having stone sealing in Melbourne done will protect your stone against these types of weather conditions. Sealers that are used, in this day and age, are very high tech and can even protect against the harsh sun, that can damage the colour of the stone. 

Stone Sealing Protects Your Surfaces

It is a great way to protect your beautiful stone against stains, minerals and salts. One of the best stone sealing businesses in Melbourne is Absolute Stone Care. They have the correct machinery and expertise to provide exceptionally great results. 

Stone has micropores. These are very tiny pores that water can get into. An expert is going to use the correct sealer for the type of stone you have. For example, a marble impregnating sealer can get into these micropores and seal them. Whereas, a typical sealer cannot penetrate as deep. This is not an issue for some stone, but as mentioned, the stone care expert will know which to use. 

Stone Sealing Stages

There are a few stages involved in sealing the stone surface. Let’s take a look at what is involved below. 

  • Cleaning
  • Sealing

When the stone care expert comes to visit your property, they will first clean the area and check for any stains. This may include stains from rust, vegetation and food. The cleaning is done with a water pressure washer, that has a slight mix of an acid detergent that takes off the surface stains. It also prepares the surface for sealing. A proper sealant will protect the stone from stains, grime, harsh weather, ants and more.