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Why Use Horse Supplements During Breeding?

Some breeders may question whether they should use horse supplements during breeding. These supplements are generally not harmful to the horse and can be beneficial in many ways, including: 

  • Boosting the immune system 
  • Increasing fertilization 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Assist in foal development 
  • Increase stamina 
  • Reduce strain on muscles during the breeding

Nutritional Vitamin supplements may also contain ingredients that can help in other areas of the horse's health, such as blood circulation, respiratory problems, weight gain, and hoof health. While not every breeder will want to start his horses on a supplement to assist with breeding, they can be helpful when used correctly.

If you are new to breeding and want to help your horses as much as possible during the process, consider using horse supplements. There is a good chance your horses will be much happier, healthier, and much more fertile if you do.

Nutrition has been a leader in horse supplements and natural equine health for the past century. We offer a complete range of horse supplements, including vitamin and mineral supplements, anti-anxiety aids, horse joint supplements, and other products specially created to support performance.

We create our supplements using the most rigid standards of production and the highest quality and purest ingredients. We never use banned substances, so you can use our supplements with the confidence of knowing you are within regulations with horses running under the rule.

Check our full line of horse supplements, as well as our immune range, our performance range, breeding supplements, hoof health line, and our other health specialty formulas. We are here to meet the needs of your horse.