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You Should Know About Ocho Rios cruise excursion

Ocho Rios is located in northeast Jamaica. Once a small fishing and banana harbor, Ocho Rios has become Jamaica’s cruise capital and the western Caribbean’s most popular port for its stunning waterfalls, beaches, and fun beach excursions.

There’s something to see and do while your cruise ship is moored in this beautiful tropical harbor. Apart from relaxing on the blue Caribbean Sea and sunbathing on the beautiful beaches, there are a number of great excursions in and around Ocho Rios, including shopping, snorkeling, mountain biking, botanical garden tours, plantation tours, and so on. Your cruise ship offers a variety of cruise excursions to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, with different prices ranging for beach lovers, there are mahogany, Boscobel, and James Bond beaches. At Mahogany Beach, you and your family will enjoy a variety of activities that you can enjoy.

One of the best ways to see Jamaica’s tropical beauty is to book a beach tour. This tour is very popular and fills up very quickly. To avoid disappointment, try to book in advance. Many lines offer cruise excursions on their websites and allow reservations to be made before you leave home.

Beach lovers can hang out at the base of the waterfall. Be sure to bring a waterproof swimsuit and camera. Lockers and water shoes can be rented on site. You can save money by bringing a pair of old sports shoes to protect your feet while hiking (slippers are not allowed).

Beach excursions can be an unforgettable experience, but they can also be time-consuming. It’s best to book a tour around Ocho Rios and it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. You and your family will have more time to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Jamaica instead of worrying about getting the boat back on time.