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Facts About Ancient Greece Jewelries

In the old Greece, 1000 from a year ago, the early Hand made jewellery started to use beads. They would carve a simple bead right into the shape of animals and so on. Until the fifteenth century BC, this is the main form of hand made jewellery. You can get to know more about ancient Greece jewellery from 

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Near the 15th century BC, the Greeks began to work with gold and even gemstones. While they are very developed in many fields of arts and crafts, a Greek theme this time is generally influenced by others. It was originally an Egyptian lifestyle that makes an impact on the Ancient Greek hand made jewellery. Together with the Roman invasion, naturally, creations Romans took over as superior.

Although the pattern is influenced by the different customs, gold craftsmanship is first-rate. The fact is, gold is the most precious materials are applied in Greek society. It is designed to signify wealth, social status, along with offerings for the Gods. 

Gold is very important for the ancient Greeks, gemstones are almost never used in their hand made jewellery. There are many pieces of jewellery recovered from the past who happens 100% pure gold. 

An additional significant explanation of why the gemstone is almost not utilizing it may be the simple fact that Greece did not show understanding of other cultures that gemstones have mystical powers. It may not be estimated from civilization with such great advances in science. The more civilization improved in science, the less they believe in magic/miracles.

In conclusion, we can easily claim that, because geopolitical Greece, Greek culture has become a bridge to bind the various communities and quite often very influenced by them all.