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Habits Of Catfish You Should Know

Catfish are a popular fish to keep in your aquarium, as they are usually placid and can live comfortably with other fish species in a community tank.

They also have a distinctive appearance having barbels around the mouth that look like whiskers and thus give them their colloquial name Catfish. This article describes the main types of catfish that can be kept in an aquarium, some of their habits.


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Two species of catfish that are popular for aquariums are Corydoras sp. (also known as cores, catfish or cats cory) and Synodontis sp.

Corys are native to tributaries of the Amazon River system. These waters are generally clean, clear and steady and gentle currents.

Corys tend to stick to the bottom in the current search for food on the bed of the river or small animal life. Corys are quite small and live in small groups in nature.

Synodontis sp. is usually bigger fish than the Corys with some notable exceptions being catfish upside. They come from the river systems and lakes in Africa where water is quite difficult.

Again, they are inferior people who prefer gravel substrate and they can scour for food. That said they will eat most other live food flakes and pellets.

Synodontis are quite shy to some extent and prefer dark environments. The lighting should be low and the habitat should include lots of rocks and wood that can create caves and another hiding place from time to time.