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Is Cannabis good for health?

The use of marijuana drugs is a world separate from recreational use. In many cases, the lower the amount of THC used in any drug formulation, the greater the desired effect.  

Historically, all ancient cannabis plants used for beneficial effects on the overall, general condition of a person far exceeded mere symptom control. This makes it very suitable for a holistic approach to health. If you are searching for a Cannabis seed as a medicine then you can visit

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Not unlike human complexity in the context of our various lifestyles, marijuana is a complex plant of the plant kingdom. This is effective because the overall tonic is related to the fact that marijuana contains about 100 molecular compounds, with THC and CBD being the most studied and understood.

When the entire cannabis plant is used as a medicine, it offers a synergistic effect or 'group' which explains why the use of marijuana therapy provides assistance for a variety of conditions.

In this way, the use of therapeutic marijuana is in sharp contrast to traditional medicines which usually isolate plant compounds and produce them in drugs to target one symptom or system of the body.

I believe that more people are distinguishing the difference between a medical and a holistic health model. Each has a time and place.